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T10: Style Advisor Presentations

Please add an online link to your presentation on the Google Doc below: Style Advisor Presentations Google Doc

T10: Harrison Bergeron Vs. 2081

Often, a story will seem to be deprived of beauty or meaning by the changes made in a film adaptation. On other occasions, watching a film version will enrich the experience of the written story. In response to both Kurt Vonnegut’s… Continue Reading →

Timeline and Exemplars for Eminent

Talons, This post is meant to serve as a bibliography of exemplars for your journey through this year’s Eminent project. Please use these examples as a guide to help springboard your thinking, and push you in the right direction. Thank… Continue Reading →

TALONS Writing Review: Comma Splices and Run-On Sentences

Talons, The following is a video from Khan Academy, reviewing the discussions from the last month about comma splices, run-on sentences, and how to fix these errors. Happy writing! -Mr. Morris

T10: View and Respond

Based on our conversations today, respond to the following question: How might we begin to “reject the single stor[ies]” in our lives? Informal post due: Wednesday, October 3rd. Remember to make a clear point by crafting a concise topic sentence, provide… Continue Reading →

T10: Stuart McLean’s “Emil”

In a well-developed paragraph, respond to the following question: What piece of wisdom does Morley end up taking away from her experience(s) with Emil? Remember to make a clear point by crafting a concise topic sentence, providing evidence directly from… Continue Reading →

Eminent Google Doc

Eminent Google Doc

T09: Talons 10 Counterparts, Documentary, and more info on the Fenian Raids

Hello Talons, I am looking forward to our end of the year Confederation Conference. Please peruse the following resources. REQUIRED Viewing Homework: Canada: A People’s History – The Great Enterprise – Please watch from 48:00 to 1:17:30 by Friday   Grade 10… Continue Reading →

T10: Canadian Autonomy Timeline Class Rubric

Hello Talons, See below for the final draft of our class created rubric for our Canadian Autonomy Timeline presentations. Canadian Autonomy Timeline Rubric and Self Assessment Sheet

T09: Canadian Confederation (1867) Role Play Assignment

Talons, ROLE PLAY SIGN-UP: TALONS 10 – Canadian Confederation Conference (1867) Role Play GROUP WORK: BNA Colony Prep Work (Group) – Wednesday June 13th CONFEDERATION DOL – Not required FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Talons Confederation Role Play Assignment 2018 Welcome to the great Confederation Conference, 2018! Now that… Continue Reading →

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