Calling all Grade 10 Talons!


This post is just a reminder that I am actively looking for rubrics from your Eminent projects from last year. Specifically, I would like to see if anyone has the following:

  • Speech rubrics for either Grade 9 or 10 (English)
  • Any self assessment documents for Documents of Learning
  • Learning Centre / Blog post assessments

Additionally, if you know any Grade 11 Talons who have the following, it would be greatly appreciated:

  • Rubric / Handout from Essay Lesson assignments from last year (Mrs. Dingle’s hard drive crashed)
  • Blog posting assessments or criteria.

As discussed on Friday, I am willing to reward 1 bonus mark to any test / quiz this, or next term, to the first person who can find / provide me with a copy of any of these things. Instead of a bonus mark, I am also willing to give a 1 day extension on any single assignment going forward as a reward.

Thank you so much for your help, I think that it is amazing that we can learn from one another, and help each other in making our first year in Talons together a fruitful and insightful time!



Mr. Morris