Grade 9s,


In a well-developed paragraph, respond to the following question:


Based on our readings so far, what is Junior’s most significant internal or external conflict? What makes this conflict more significant than the rest? For example, is the most significant conflict in Junior’s life his struggle against poverty / his family / disability / his cultural background / his own sense of self worth? Why? Provide at least two pieces of textual evidence (with page numbers) in your response and remember to ‘unpack’ and explain how these quotations help to add to your initial statement / argument.

Due on Monday, December 11th, at the start of class. Responses should take the form of a ‘post’ on your blog. This will be marked based on the ‘At a Glance’ scale. Be ready to discuss with your peers in class on Tuesday. 


Tips for Paragraph Writing:

☐ Use present tense verbs to discuss actions.

☐ Avoid using “I” pronouns (e.g. instead of saying “I believe Junior’s most significant conflict is…..” say “Junior’s most significant conflict is…..”)

☐ Unify paragraph around a ‘single’ statement / clear topic sentence.

☐ Remember to PEE in your paragraph.

☐ Provide direct evidence / examples from the text and include page numbers.

☐ Include story title and author’s name in the introduction of paragraph (ex: The most significant conflict Junior faces in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is ______________________ because ______________________).

☐ Read aloud to check for run-ons / fragments /flow.

☐ Avoid simply summarizing the plot.