“There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada. Those qualities are what make us the first postnational state.”

-Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (2015)


Based on our conversations in the last week on Canadian identity, please complete the following:

  1. Choose an event from Canada’s past or present (social, political, environmental, or economic) and describe / illustrate (show cause and effect) how this event influenced / influences all four of the quadrants. Provide images / primary source evidence where possible.
  2. Does your event represent a step towards creating and maintaining a coherent Canadian identity, or does it move Canada more clearly in the direction of Trudeau’s discussion of a “postnational” state?
  3. In your opinion, is there any value in trying to define a specific Canadian identity, or should we abandon this idea towards a more open and global idea of nationhood? Why?

Remember to document your sources at the end of your Document of Learning, and to answer each prompt in a well-developed response (PQS).

Optional Readings:

If you would like further / differing perspectives on the idea of Canada as a ‘postnational’ country, feel free to peruse the following. While these readings are not required, they will help elucidate the concept, and perhaps might be good sources to include evidence from in your final response.

The Guardian — The Canada Experiment: Is this the world’s first ‘postnational’ country?

The Vancouver Sun — The dangers of a ‘postnational’ Canada

DOL Rubric (Class Chosen Criteria):

  Exceeds Fully Meets Minimally Meets


Cause and Consequence


Effectively assesses how past and present conditions and the actions of individuals or groups affect events, decisions, or developments.



Attempts to assess how past and present conditions and the actions of individuals or groups events, decisions, or developments.







Addresses and is critical of importance in people, places, events, and / or developments.


Compares perspectives on their historical impact.



Addresses significance of people, places, events, and developments, but could be more critical and thorough. Addresses these aspects through only one lens or perspective.







Writing is clear, shows strong grasp of topic, is well-organized, and straight-forward. Errors may be present but are not distracting.



Writing is competent and shows no significant errors in understanding. Errors are evident in that distract from a full understanding of response.