“History is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging. What happened before will perforce happen again. ”

– George R.R. Martin


Based on our conversations in the last week on the Wheels of Revolution, please complete the following:

1. Choose an event from the past and describe / illustrate (show cause and effect) a wheel of social evolution (Political, Social, Economical, Technological) using a specific example. Make sure to comment on how the event demonstrates change in all four quadrants of S.T.E.P.

2. Make connections to today and our present context, or other eras (wheels) of social change, or the evolution of “progress”. In what ways did your event follow the same trajectory as other events in the past or present?

3. Does your wheel represent, or end in justice for those involved? Does it remain unresolved, or does it continue into another revolution? If so, which one? In other words, were the consequences of the event positive or negative? To whom?  Explain.

See Below for Marking Rubric Focus:

Exceeds Fully Meets Minimally Meets


Continuity and Change


Compares and contrasts continuity and changes and finds differences between groups in the same or different time periods.



Compares continuity and change to find difference between groups in similar time periods.



Cause and Consequence


Effectively assesses how past and present conditions and the actions of individuals or groups affect events, decisions, or developments.



Attempts to assess how past and present conditions and the actions of individuals or groups events, decisions, or developments.








Writing is clear, shows strong grasp of topic, is well-organized, and straight-forward. Errors may be present but are not distracting.



Writing is competent and shows no significant errors in understanding. Errors are evident in that distract from a full understanding of response.