Review Task:

After reading and reviewing pages 120-127 of your textbook, as well as your notes from class, choose a defining characteristic of the 17th century that you are interested in and conduct further independent research on it. Then, take the role of a citizen of the 17th century and write a letter from this perspective that demonstrates your understanding of what life was like during this time.

Role: 17th century citizen, real or imaginary.

Audience: Who are they writing to? Choose who your historical character is writing to.

Format: Personal or Political letter. No more than a single page (double spaced).

Topic: Your historical character’s perspective or POV / experiences in 17th century England.

DUE DATE: Please post your letter by tomorrow before class — Tuesday March 6th. 


Exceeds Fully Meets Minimally Meets



Recognizes perspectives of different people, places, issues, and / or events in different time periods by considering beliefs, morals, and what was normal at the time.



Recognizes perspectives of different people, places, issues, or events in different time periods.







Writing is clear, shows strong grasp of topic, is well-organized, and straight-forward. Errors may be present but are not distracting.



Writing is competent and shows no significant errors in understanding. Errors are evident in that distract from a full understanding of response.