Hello Talons!

Attached to this blog post you will find digital copies of the Canadian Confederation Role Play prep sheet, as well as several online secondary sources from Horizons: Canada’s Emerging Identity, Canada: RevisitedThe Suburban, and The Canadian Encyclopedia. More sources will be added as the date for the role-play comes closer.

For now, your task is to answer and familiarize yourself with the questions on the prep sheet before you are given a specific colony to represent. Please answer the questions in-depth, as the more prior knowledge you have, the easier and more engaging our final debate will be!


Canadian Confederation Role Play Preparation (PDF)

Canadian Confederation Role Play Preparation (.docx)


Overview: The Suburban — “This Northern Dominion: A Personal History of our Peaceable Kingdom” by Alan Hustak (You may have read this previously during our discussions on John A. MacDonald)

Reading #1: Horizons: Canada’s Emerging Identity Ch. 3 — Building a Nation

  • MANDATORY: Please read starting from “Toward Confederation” on page 100.
  • CHALLENGE: For a better idea of the overarching consequences of Confederation on indigenous peoples, as well as the general values of the Victorians, please read the chapter in its entirety.

Reading #2: Canada Revisited Ch.9 – The Drive to Nationhood

Optional Reading: The Canadian Encyclopedia: “Quebec Conference” by Philip A. Buckner, revised by Richard Foot