STEP 1: Watch Canada: A People’s History  – A Question of Loyalties (1775 – 1815)

Please watch the following documentary and take notes based on the guided question provided: ‘What are the specific wants / fears / events that sparked the Canadian War of 1812?” (see provided graphic organizer)

REQUIRED WATCH: Canada: A People’s History Episode 5 “A Question of Loyalties”

ALT LINK: Temporary Youtube Link

ADDITIONAL WATCH: Canada: This is Us “War for Independence”

TAKE NOTES: What specific wants / fears / events sparked the Canadian War of 1812?

STEP 2: Read Crossroads Chapter 9 – “Canada and the War of 1812”

Read the following .pdf copy of Crossroads Chapter 9, titled “Canada and the War of 1812,” and add to the graphic organizer you used when watching Canada: A People’s History.

REQUIRED READING: Crossroads Chapter 9 – “Canada and the War of 1812”

ADDITIONAL READING (great source of information about Upper and Lower Canada / Canadians, and the British perspective): Horizons Chapter 2 – “Our Developing Nation”

STEP 3: Create Inquiry Question and Complete Independent Investigation #2 DOL

HANDOUT: Independent Investigation #2 DOL Handout

REQUIRED SOURCE: War of 1812 Virtual Exhibition

DUE DATE: Be ready to share with your peers MAY 28th, in class. 

ASSESSMENT: Self Assessment Sheet to be provided closer to due date