Talons 10,

Our academic controversy topic for Tuesday will be “Is Justin Trudeau Currently Positioned to be Laurier’s Successor?” Remember, I will pick one side of the argument, and you must be ready to argue for both sides. This will require you to do some independent research / investigation on Trudeau and policies, promises, and achievements, which you will compare with your already wonderful knowledge of Laurier’s impact on Canada in the first decade of the 20th century.

Your mission will be to create a T-chart or Venn diagram persuasively arguing both sides, which you will post on your blog for Tuesday, June 5th. You must include AT LEAST four additional legitimate and credible sources of information in a works cited list at the bottom of your graphic organizer.


To get started, consider visiting TrudeauMetre, a running tally of our PMs promises, achievements, and setbacks.

I look forward to hearing your debates on Tuesday!

– Mr. Morris