ROLE PLAY SIGN-UP: TALONS 10 – Canadian Confederation Conference (1867) Role Play

GROUP WORK: BNA Colony Prep Work (Group) – Wednesday June 13th


FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Talons Confederation Role Play Assignment 2018

Welcome to the great Confederation Conference, 2018! Now that you have completed your pre-planning research, it is your task to get into groups for each of the colonies that were present in the initial Canadian Confederation conferences, leading up to 1867. Below are a list of notables, organized by specific colony. Feel free to conduct some preliminary research before choosing a historical actor to represent.

Brief Overview of Historical Actors:

  1. How two dozen Fathers of Confederation got the Canada deal done: This is the story of the 1864 booze-soaked bull sessions that begat a country
  2. Mothers of Confederation
  3. Conduct individual research and prepare a persuasive defense, in case numerous students are interested in your part.

PLEASE NOTE: Each colony must be have full representation at the time of the conference (that means that at least three students must be in each group — minus England). While there are many founding fathers / mothers who MUST be in attendance, you are also free to create your own historical actor, once the main contributors have been chosen. In the event that someone has chosen your notable, please prepare a 30 second defense (using primary or secondary source evidence), to prove why you should have your chosen role. We will conduct sign-up on Monday and Tuesday (April 30th and May 1st).