In a well-developed paragraph, respond to the following question:

What piece of wisdom does Morley end up taking away from her experience(s) with Emil?

Remember to make a clear point by crafting a concise topic sentence, providing evidence directly from the text to support your point, and arguing for the significance of your evidence by explaining how your chosen quote(s) helps to support your point. In other words, remember to PEE in your paragraph!

Due date to be discussed in class. Responses should be included as post on your blog.


Outline Review / Tips:

i. Hook: An introduction that attempts to ‘hook’ your reader into your topic.

ii. Introduction / Summary: Introduce the text you are discussing and give credit to the author. Give the reader some brief context into the story (no more than a sentence or two).

Example: In Stuart McLean’s “Emil,” Morley comes to understand that ___(insert theme statement)_____

iii. Point / Thesis: Make your point concisely / answer the question directly.

iv. Evidence: Smoothly transition quotations into your own writing to add to the flow of your work.

v. Explanation: Connect the dots for your reader so they do not need to infer your meaning. Be clear!