This post is meant to serve as a bibliography of exemplars for your journey through this year’s Eminent project. Please use these examples as a guide to help springboard your thinking, and push you in the right direction. Thank you to Aislyn, Lucas, and Jiwon for contributing and compiling their work from last year for the Grade 9s. Remember 9s, the Grade `10s are your best sources of information to help guide you during Eminent. I can’t wait to see all your hard work on display during the Night of the Notables.

You’ve got this!

1. WEEK 1 — Choose your Eminent Person (COMPLETE)

2. WEEK 2 (Oct 8th – 15th) — Introductory Blog Post:

MacKaye and I

The Start of Helen Keller: Night of the Notables 2016

Glenn Gould: An Introduction

3. WEEK 3 (October 15th – 22nd) — Practice Interview:

  • More details in class

5. Eminent Interview:


Sucessful Interview? CHECK

Interview Insight

6. WEEK 4/5/6 (October 23rd – November 15th) Learning Centre / Speeches:

Night of the Notables… And Their Eminent People

Clearing House Pt. 2: Learning Center Creation

Making MY Learning Center

7. WEEK 7 (Nov 21st) — Night of the Notables :

I Can FINALLY Get Some Sleep! #Eminent is Finished

8. POST-NON (TBA) — Reflection / Annotated Bibliography:


Jiwon’s Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bi-blog-graphy

Until Next Year: Eminent Reflection 2016