Grade 10 TALONS,

In preparation for our Academic Controversy debate on John A. Macdonald, please read through the articles provided below by Tuesday, April 23rd, adding any pertinent information to your John A. Macdonald: The Legacy graphic organizer.


NEW READING: The Trials of John A. Macdonald | Canada’s History Magazine

The articles you will find are as follows:

“Canada’s Father Figure” by Richard J. Gwyn (Previously handed out)

“John A. MacDonald: A Founder and Builder” by Professor Thomas H.B. Symons (4 pages)

“Sir John A. MacDonald: Architect of Genocide or Canada’s Founding Father?” by Alex Battingall of the Toronto Star (2.5 pages)

“Activists Deface Statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in Downtown Montreal” by Annabelle Oliver of the CBC (1 page)

OPINION: “Comment: John A. Macdonald Statue’s Removal is Overdue” by The New York Times (1 page)

OPINION: “Sure, John A. Macdonald was a racist, colonizer and misogynist — but so were most Canadians back then” by Tristan Hopper of the National Post. (3 pages)

“John A. Macdonald and the Invention of White Supremacy in Canada” by  Professor Timothy J. Stanley (3 pages)

“Why John A. Macdonald’s name doesn’t belong on Canada’s schools” by Cherie Dimaline for Today’s Parent (2 pages)


CTV: Calls for removal of John A. Macdonald statue in Victoria amid national debate

Global News: The controversy over Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister, explained

UPDATED: The National: Should schools bearing Sir John A. Macdonald’s name be changed?

660 News: Trudeau on Sir John A. Macdonald naming

CPAC: The History of John A. Macdonald

John A. Macdonald’s complicated legacy | The Sunday Talk

UPDATED: Sir John A. Macdonald Is Owed Our Thanks — Not Our Derision