Talons 9,

In preparation for Tuesday and Wednesday’s classes, please overview the following resources and create a Venn Diagram that compares the qualities and personalities of both James I, and his son, Charles I. These notes will be extremely useful in the formation of inquiry questions that will be used for a final assignment on the English Civil War later next week.


Pages 130-132 of the following document: English Civil War

Youtube Video: King James I

The article handed out in class entitled “King Charles the First, 1600-1649.”

Optional Reading / Viewing:

We will be viewing and discussing the following episode of Kings and Queens Tuesday / Wednesday in class:

Charles I

NOTE: Keep in mind that video and textbook sources are only one perspective on a person or issue. To come to more full understanding of the past, we must consult multiple primary and secondary sources. With that in mind, conducting your own research is highly encouraged.