Hello Talons!

Now that you have spent some time getting to know your chosen Canadian through reading part of a biography or autobiography, it is time to do some preparation and reflection for your persuasive speeches (which will take place on May 8th and 9th).

To complete this assignment, please create a list of five passages from your reading that have interested, intrigued, or resonated with you so far. Under each passage, please provide a brief annotation on the following questions:

  1. Personal Interest: What did you find particular interesting or intriguing about this passage from your reading? Unpack your ideas about your provided quote, and challenge yourself to connect these ideas to your own life or prior learning.
  2. Canadian Identity: What insights or pieces of wisdom might these passages reveal about Canadian values at the time of the text’s publication? What does each passage reveal about what it means to be a Canadian now?

Once you have answered the above questions for each of your chosen passages, please conclude by commenting on the final question below for your reading so far as a whole:

  1. Theme: What overall theme or piece of wisdom might you take away from your reading so far that you might apply to your own life? Explain.

NOTE: Remember, a theme is a declarative statement that is often universal. Try not to be overly specific with this statement. If you feel as if you have stumbled upon a cliche, try to rephrase your theme with a new coat of paint.

Please refer to the ‘Check-In’ scale provided in class for overall criteria and assessment for this piece. Any work completed here may be repurposed in your final address to the class.