“Alexander Hamilton” MR.MORRIS

“Aaron Burr, Sir” MAX


“The Schuyler Sisters” TIFFANY

“Farmer Refuted” MICHAELA

“You’ll Be Back” JEWEL

“Right Hand Man” JASON

“Helpless” LAUREN

“Satisfied” KATE

“Wait For It” KELLEN

“Stay Alive” MASA

“Ten Duel Commandments” ETHAN

“Guns and Ships” GRACE

“Yorktown” JOON

“What Comes Next” ANYSIA

“Dear Theodosia” ANGELINA

“Non-Stop” JIAN

“What’d I Miss?” WILLIAM

“Cabinet Battle #1” CHANEL

“The Room Where It Happens” CHRISTINA

“Cabinet Battle #2” PRABIGYA

“Washington On Your Side” AMANDA

“One Last Time” NATASHA

“Hurricane” JAEDIN

“The Reynolds Pamphlet” ADAM

“The Election of 1800” IZABELA

“Your Obedient Servant” BODHI

“The World Was Wide Enough” JASMINE

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” FINN