T10: Harrison Bergeron Vs. 2081

Often, a story will seem to be deprived of beauty or meaning by the changes made in a film adaptation. On other occasions, watching a film version will enrich the experience of the written story. In response to both Kurt Vonnegut’s… Continue Reading →

Eminent Overview and Exemplars

TALONS, • PLEASE SEE YOUR ‘ASSIGNMENT HANDOUTS’ FOLDER IN ONE NOTE FOR A PDF COPY OF THE EMINENT BOOKLET.  This post is meant to serve as a bibliography of exemplars for your journey through this year’s Eminent project. Please use… Continue Reading →

T09: Hamiltalons Rubrics

Hello Talons, See below for the DOL Rubric for your Hamilton assignment. DOL Rubric: hamilton-dol-assessment Presentation Rubric: hamilton-presentation-rubric-2-0    

T10: Global Conflicts DOL Rubric

Please see below for the Rubric for your Global Conflicts DOL. canadian-autonomy-dol-rubric

T10: Global Conflicts Sign-Up

Please fill in your name beside the event assigned to you in class today. Click the link below to access our list. Sign-Up – Mr. Morris  

T09: Hamilton Song Sign-Up

“Alexander Hamilton” MR.MORRIS “Aaron Burr, Sir” MAX “My Shot” KATHRYN “The Schuyler Sisters” TIFFANY “Farmer Refuted” MICHAELA “You’ll Be Back” JEWEL “Right Hand Man” JASON “Helpless” LAUREN “Satisfied” KATE “Wait For It” KELLEN “Stay Alive” MASA “Ten Duel Commandments” ETHAN… Continue Reading →

T09: What Wants, Fears, and Events Led to the American Revolution?

Talons 9, As part of our exploration of Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, it is beneficial to have an understanding of the wants, fears, and events that galvanize the settlers of the thirteen colonies to revolt against England. Using the provided graphic… Continue Reading →

T09: HamilTALONS

Please listen to at least the first half of Hamilton by Monday, June 3rd (from song 1-23 “Alexander Hamilton” to “Non-Stop”) Full Musical on Youtube Full Musical on Spotify One Note (Private)

T10: Independent Investigation – The Laurier Era

STEP 1 – BECOME AN ‘EXPERT’: Please watch the following documentary, read your assigned passages, and take notes based on your guided question. I. REQUIRED WATCH: Canada: A People’s History – “The Great Transformation 1886 – 1915” II. REQUIRED READS: Horizons Chapter 11… Continue Reading →

T10: Canadian Spotlight Speeches

Here is the order for the speeches tomorrow. We will do as many as we can in class. Everyone should be ready to present; however, the first 15 students will definitely be presenting tomorrow. Please post your scripts to your… Continue Reading →

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